Historic Richmondtown, Staten Island, NY

Richmondtown, Staten Island, NY is ranked as one of the most popular destinations for families wishing to relocate to Staten Island from New York City’s other boroughs, especially Brooklyn.  It’s centrally located with close access to Brooklyn and New Jersey as well  as all important local  Staten Island areas.  Shopping centers, schools, public transportation, and houses of worship are all  nearby.  This town is a combination of  rustic, history and elegance,  yet is well  known as Historic Richmondtown.  You can find quaint homes with architecture dating back to the 1800’s alongside modest family homes as well as grand colonials. Come and visit this town to view a piece of our history through our museum, lighthouse, or historical village. Maybe you’d like to have brunch and  listen to a concert in our authentic tavern  or live here and enjoy a little bit of country side by side with the city life. Call me at 718-619-5701 or email deborahbracco@live.com if you’re interested in living in the “heart” of Staten Island, NY or click on the “Home Search” tab above to view all homes in Staten  Island.

Deborah Bracco- Appleseed Homes

718-619-5701, deborahbracco@live.com

Historic Richmondtown, Staten Island, NY

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