“And So This Is Christmas, And What Have You Done?”

You know how sometimes we say to ourselves during the holiday times, “well, things are going to slow down now”?. Amidst all the celebrating, prepping, Christmas shopping, etc. I put a nailbiter of a deal together the last week of Christmas, that’s what I’ve done.
A few weeks ago a couple (through their agent) made several offers on my listing that were low and the sellers of course, refused it. Fast forward and the agent called me December 22, Wednesday, at 4pm and told me her customers would now meet the sellers previous counter offer. The sellers verbally accepted the offer and the binder was sent to me but without all the other necessary paperwork. The agent then tells me the buyers want to think about it some more, it’s a big decision, yadda, yadda, yadda. Well, I told them to think real fast (the listing was going to expire December 25th) and the sellers were heading to Florida December 26th getting ready to put the “whole house thing” on hold till they returned in April because they’ve “had it!” Sooooooooo, I ran over to the sellers house on December 23rd, Thursday, and had the binder signed while I prayed and hoped that the buyers would go through with their present offer. While at their house, the office secretary called me and said the remainder of the paperwork had been faxed and looked like it was “good to go!” The agent did confirm her buyers were going ahead as planned and I had an accepted status as of December 23rd. Now, my sellers wanted the engineer inspection to be the next day, Christmas Eve, before they left, but this was a no go! I will have to take over from here.
So, I guess the moral of the story is holiday time doesn’t stop serious buyers from buying!! When holidays come around again never say “business will probably slow down now”-WAS I WRONG!
I hope you enjoy this video, it’s one of my favorites by John Lennon. This year it has even more meaning not only because of my real estate story, and hopefully, war will be over, but my son, Thomas, is autistic and he sang this song so perfectly for the first time in his High School Christmas Show and he’s 18yrs old. Anyway, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Happy Holidays to all!!
Deborah Bracco
Licensed Real Estate Salesperson- Appleseed Homes
deborahbracco@live.com, deborahbracco.com

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